Wednesday, October 10, 2007

time to move....

ok girls....I've started a new blog! I've love blogger but I needed some extras that they didn't offer so I've switched. Come on over and take a peek:

the new heart of the matter

I'll leave this one up for about a month or so but please bookmark the new one. =)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

one more time....

a bunch of you emailed me asking when I would run the special again because ya missed, this special is for you. It's the last time I'll probably do it so if you want them or you're hoping to get CS for Christmas, get them now and hold onto them. =)

Until noon today, 25% off of my actions....bring them to $7.50. And as usual, DO NOT click on the BUY IT NOW button on the actions site, just paypal me directly at
Also, a couple of you asked about PSE actions....they are still on the back's my busiest time of the year so I haven't had time to work with them yet. Stay tuned though......
Alrighty, don't forget, this may be the last time I run the special so don't delay because once it hits noon in Texas, that's it. =)

Friday, October 05, 2007

an action special until noon today!

I'm feeling giving today! =) Until noon...Texas time (is that standard time), I'm taking 25% off of my actions so instead of paying $10.00, you pay $7.50. You can't beat 4 actions for that price so hurry! =)

Make sure that you DO NOT use the Buy Now button on my actions site because it will charge you $10.00. Instead just paypal your payment of $7.50 to and I will email them to you ASAP. =)

Thursday, October 04, 2007

long time no bloggin'

Sorry for the week almost over and me not posting.....just doing the usual stuff. I wanted to post something for all my clients and friends to let you all know that my email has now changed. So from now on, you all can reach me at I can still see my msn emails, I just can't respond to them so it's been very time comsuming getting them switched over and answered. If I haven't gotten to you yet, I promise I will. =) remember this one:

It was from one of my first sessions I ever did and still one of my favs. =) Well, I don't think I've shared this one with you guys:

Look at that gorgeous pout....she'll be able to put that to good use and get anything she wants. I pity her future boyfriend! LOL!!

Anywho....Mom is giving herself an early Christmas present and she's ordering these 2 as 20x24 gallery wrapped canvases for her house....I'm so excited for her because I know she will LOVE them. Ha...I may not give them to her after I see them....I can't get enough of those gallery wraps. =)