Friday, June 30, 2006

3 posts in one day!

I'm making up for when I can't post this week I guess! OK, check these out! My next product shoot....can we say OMG....ADORABLE!! =)

I got them in the mail today and I CAN'T WAIT to START! This is gonna be fun...I've had Gracie in hats since day one so she'll be a piece of cake...Sam on the other hand...stay tuned!

Check out Leslie's fantastic and chic hats and cute little shoes!

Wiggy Studio

Amanda's Mentoring Workshop...assignment 1

So I had the hardest time taking a simple photo of a piece of fruit and Amanda makes you limit yourself to only taking 5 photos (and I'm the dictionary definition of an over-shooter) so it really makes you's my pineapple...don't laugh, I'm darn proud!

This one just makes me giggle (sad huh)? It looks like it's popping a squat in the grass, just hanging out, sunbathing.....I should have put an umbrella friuty drink next too it......oh, I think I need therapy!

Grady thinks I should have put a fork in this one and flip it upside down....his take on the upside down pineapple cake I guess! =) LOL!!

When Gracie saw the pineapple this morning, she said, "Hey, that's SpongeBob's house!"

Anywho, her workshop is going to be sooo much fun (and I'm only in week one, session one) and I hope it helps me turn the corner with my photography to where I want to be and what I want to produce. =) I'd recommend it in a heatbeat to anyone that wants to develop their creative side (and no, this is not a plug...most of you guys know I just love her work)! =)

So monthly photog playdate was pure......

Madness, but so much fun! =) The kiddos just love being around each other and we get such a riot watching them. Here's a couple....I just love the first reminds me of geese with Jacks being the leader! =)

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and a safe holiday! =)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I'm finally done with the photos.....Julie, I hope you like them! =) Sam is starting to get the typical model behavior....throwing tantrums, crying, demanding the finest food and drink, etc! LOL!! She was so into it at times and others times didn't want to have nothing to do with it. Here's a couple more but I have a ton....make sure you check out her stuff, it's adorable!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Too sore to type.....

NEVER AGAIN....never again am I going to do that! Landscaping is HARD WORK and we honestly didn't do much, but I'm telling ya....every part of my body is achy and sore! =)
So we got it done and I am darn proud (though you can see from the pictures my awful job at cutting the bushes.....can we say lopsided? LOL!! We let Gracie run through the sprinklers when we were done and don't laugh...that was her bath (I should have brought a bar of soap out there and soaped her up)! I was too tired to give her one last night, I just wiped off the grass that got stuck to her and she was good to go! =)

Saturday, June 24, 2006

I am WIPED out!

Today, we decided to tackle our front beds in the really looked like a small jungle. And me being so scared of snakes, I've always managed to put it off but today, we decided it was just too bad and I'm sure our neighbors hated our yard...if they wanted to sell their house, ours would probably bring down their value. =) So we went out about about 2ish in the afternoon (I'm not sure what we were thinking in 90 something degree weather).....Gracie cut out early, she went inside about 5 minutes into it. Grady ripped out the monkey grass that we had.....all sorts of critters came out of the wood work then. And yes.....2 small snakes graced us with their presence. A snake is a snake to me, I don't care if they are tiny or huge, it's all the same. These were little but I was just waited for Big Momma to show up. Luckily she didn't! I wish I took some before pictures to show you guys how awful it looked, but I'll take some throughout the transformation. Tomorrow, we are going to plant some flowers.....I have NO GREEN THUMB so I hope they stay alive....begonias looks like my best bet, I've heard they are hard to kill. And manual labor isn't my thing....Grady said my face was soooo bright red and I think I took about 10 breaks.....I'm much more of an air conditioner kinda gal! =)

Anywho, here's a couple more of Gracie and the angel wings......I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! =)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

My not-so-perfect little angel.....

Yes, she has her faults......picky eater (that's from Daddy), she's NEVER had a hamburger! The only chicken she'll eat is from Chic-fa-lay, McDonald's and Wendy's (it gets a little pricey). She still wakes up in the middle of the night and comes in our room and scares the living day lights out of me when I see her just standing there staring at me. She never seems to wake Daddy up....why's that? And can you believe I argue with a 5 year-old and she usually wins? She's very STUBBORN (again that's from Daddy), but she can be the sweetest little thing! She mothers Sam like she's her own personal live-doll always trying to help me out, and she's always willing for photos (sometimes with a small bribe) because she knows Mommy needs to practice. She picks up her toys (only after being told to about 5 times, but she does it) and she's always handing out kisses and hugs! =) We just LOVE her to pieces and we blessed that she picked us to be her Mommy and Daddy. =)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The last two. =)

She's had enough!

Yep.....I've ruined her! Poor little thing, she's had it!

I have the pleasure of taking photos of some products from Baby Dry Goods (check out my link on the Goodies side). So I get everything set up today...Sam is in a wonderful happy mood and this is what I get...she puts the blanket over her head....goofy kid! =) I got a couple of good ones but I'll have to give it another go tomorrow...I've got some different ideas swirling around in my head. =)

Julie (the owner) has some of the CUTEST stuff I've seen and believe me I've seen a ton! I use to work in an up-scale children's boutique and her goodies are by far the cutest....and don't get me started on her fabrics....AWESOME...very vintage too! =)

Monday, June 19, 2006

I FINALLY finished proofing a wedding.....

Yep, it's official, I'm really detesting proofing with my old version of PS. It takes me forever, I have no actions, and I can't remember what I did from one photo to the next! =)
I did a wedding for a very good friend of mine and I'll never do it again. Even though she was sooo cool about everything (I told her I couldn't promise her anything), I think I was more nervous that I would let her down....and the pressure is ENORMOUS! LOL!! I'm sticking with kiddos!
Here's one of Gracie that I somehow passed up...not sure why, maybe because it's not techinally the best, but I thought it was cute. I think most of you guys have seen the others that I've posted, but let me know and I'll post them here too. =)
Lin and Jen...if you read this, yes, I'm FINALLY DONE! I'll email them to you all tomorrow! =)

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Jumping Bean and her Sidekick!

So, I've been MIA lately....we are in the middle of a garage sale in unbelievable heat! I really must love to torture myself! =) We haven't had rain in I don't know how many weeks and guess what....looks like it's suppose to rain tomorrow! GREAT!!
I know what you're probably thinking....all my photos lately have been of Gracie jumping....well, she LOVES to jump and when she gets too, jumping on our bed is oh so fun! =) I'm waiting for the day the thing just collapse! I snapped this real quick and thought it was cute...not quite sure what she's doing with her hands (diving, flying like Superman...who knows) and yes, she does have clothes but it's sooo hot and muggy today...she ripped them off as soon as we got home. =)Don't you wish we could get away with that....well I guess we could really! =) LOL!!
Notice the mess of pillows in the background....she didn't do that....Scout the terror of a dog pounces on them and buries himself in them....I really think he needs meds, I honestly do. You know those stories they do on Dateline about animals that have anxiety disorders and stuff...just wait, you'll see him on there. =) Just to give you an idea what I go through with him on a daily basis....I'll just say he made friends with a horny toad and a bird last week...I'll leave it at that and let your minds think about it, and probably what your's true. His friends are now in a much better place.
Oh and getting eye contact from Gracie and a dog....that's would look at me and the other would look away and then vice versa...throw Sam in there and it would be impossible! =)
And hopefully you are reading this Clay....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We miss you guys!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I should have known when I fell out of the chair......

things probably wouldn't go well with the second attempt! =) Yes, I'm my daughter's mother.....I trip over my own feet and I'm admitting it. I think that my friends feel sorry for me, I really do, they feel it's their duty to hang out with me....I can be embarassing and I'm their charity case! =)
I was hanging my oh-so-professional black sheet from Wal-Mart...well not hanging....I shove in at the top of Gracie's closet doors in her room and close the doors and as I was doing it, I just fell out of the chair...for no reason really. I'm ok though I thought I twisted my ankle but my pride was severely bruised as Gracie saw the whole thing. So my image that I think or at least hope she has of me is more of "Mom is super cool, or my Mom is a superhero"'s gone! =) But she was sweet....she kissed my ankle and gave me a hug but I could swear I saw a little smirk on her face.....she was laughing inside I know it. =)

So to end my long story....Sam wasn't in the part of it so it will have to be chosen from the batch from yesterday. I took everyone's advice...Amanda, I had stuffed animals all around me and she gave me nothing. I hope I haven't damaged her this early with all the photos I've taken of her.....please pray with me that I haven't! =)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So just to give you all an idea......

this is pretty much the same thing I got over and over! =) Talking to her little shakers, trying to eat them, messing with the skirt, then dropping them in her skirt and hunting for on and so on! =)
So Sam's Birthday is coming up (I'm still floored that she's going to be 1) and my sis is having an Hawaiian theme for it. She found this little get-up for her invites. So I get everything set up...ready to go, get her up from her morning nap (which she is the happiest)......and then BAM.... no smiles for me...I mean I was making all sorts of goofy noise, singing my heart out (and it's not a pretty sound either)....NOTHING, she barely would look at me!
These basically sum it up.....what a little turd! =) I'll have to give it another go tomorrow otherwise...Val you'll have to pick from these (#1 and #2 are lookin' real good right now)! =)

Monday, June 12, 2006

So I use to be a head chopper.....

now I'm a foot chopper! AGGHHHH.....doesn't it bug the heck out of you when you see a picture you really like and you lob off a my case feet! It drives me nuts! So I worked with what I had. =) And a couple from Gracie this morning....goofy kid, she put that fabric flower in her hair and said she looked "stylish!" You betcha....with the hair that hasn't been brushed and stray stands all over....very top model! =)
Yeah...I'm still a head chopper too....just a habit I can't quite break! =) And doesn't the title sound a little morbid...but you guys know what I mean right???

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Outside today......

I'm still trying to learn outside....I think I'm doing better as far as reading light, but I still have a lot to learn. At least I didn't get all those crazy hot spots like I normally do! =) Here's a couple from today....jumping in boots, that's gotta be hard, she did a good job, I probably would have twisted my ankle, had a trip to the ER and be out $100 bucks yet she's able to run around the house top speed in her play dress shoes with heels without skipping a beat....I don't get it! She said the most cutest thing to me tonight....she told me that the moles that she has are kisses from cute is that? I have no clue where so got it or what, but it just made me smile! =)
ETA: I wish these were larger...does anyone know what to do to make them larger or is this the standard size? I'm still trying to learn all the ins and outs of blogging! =)


Here's the last one from the playday....OY! =) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Play, Play, Play.........some from yesterday

I am soooo tired! I've never done so much playing in my life and I'm sooooo sore and pooped out this morning! =) I watched a good friend of mine's little boy yesterday and we did so much! We played at the park (of course my camera came out), went squirrel hunting (never caught one thank goodness), ate at McD's and played some more, went and got ice cream, went to Discovery Zone and yes....played some more, went to the mall and rode the merry-go-round and lets see....played some more! I have no clue how kids have sooo much energy....they're like little Energizer Bunnies! =) Here's a couple from yesterday....I'm trying to work outside more and I'm horrible at it, but at least I'm trying! Kudos to all you that ROCK at it's hard! I'd take indoor natural light anytime. =)