Monday, February 26, 2007

The colors of Spring....

Leslie with Wiggy Studio has some wonderful new hats for her Spring/Summer line....they are soooo just can't help but think of beautiful weather, flowers and April showers when you see them.

I'm so lucky that asked me to do photos for her line.....she is just a wonderful person to work with and such a great friend. Gracie was not in the mood to have her photos taken so I only got a few....we'll hopefully try to get some more later.

I just finished an awesome book! It's called My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It's soooo awesome but very sad! I was crying like a baby by the end of it...I had a hard time finishing the last pages because I couldn't see through the tears. A friend suggested it to me and when I read the back cover for what it was about, I thought that maybe it wasn't my kind of book. I can't believe I'm going to admit this to everyone but I LOOOVVVEEEE all the Harry Potter books! Call me a dork but J.K. Rowlings is a fantastic writer, I finish her books within 2 days usually. So when I looked at getting this one, I just didn't think it would keep my attention but it did. =) I totally recommend it if any of you guys are looking for a good read.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Somebunny loves you......

Oh, I'm soooo going to the bad place for this.......I couldn't resist myself! =)

And a colored version of the car series....what's up with me a bright colors lately.....I must be thinking of Spring! =)

Everyone have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

We need some b/w's here.....

I just noticed that I posted 3 color not me! LOL!! So to get things back to normal, I'm sharing my crazy little driver! I'm soooo scared when she turns 16 and gets her license!

This is her road rage look...

This is her look like she just ran over something...

And this is her look she'll give the police officer to get out of a ticket...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments about my sb....believe me my hair looks much better than that. I'm sure you guys thought I totally played it up but between running back and forth from the camera to the just went completely flat...and man does it look greasy too!!! LOL!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Good grief......that was hard!

My self portrait abilities are going down hill! LOL!! I had nothing to focus on.....Gracie was in school so I rigged something up! Between running back and forth.....getting a hair went flat! =) It's much better than it looks but this one will have to do. =)

This is probably going to come down really quickly! LOL!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Jump for's Friday!

Nothing new to post........I'm going to attempt a self portrait for you guys to see the new do! LOVE some of the excuses on why you all want to see it....especially the one that I have brown eyes too and I want to see what the cut looks like with brown eyes.....good one Joy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

May Cupid be good to you...

this Valentine's Day! =)

Just messing around with some old photos! Have a wonderful V-day everyone!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wash and go........

yep, that's my new haircut! Super easy! LOL!!

OK...a little background if any of you guys are interested. I use to have a pixie short haircut a LONG, LONG time ago....I finally was able to grow it out to about the middle of my back....the longest I've ever had my hair. I swore up and down if I could bare growing it out, I would NEVER cut it.....well never finally came. I was soooo tired of it. I always wore it up, I looked like a horse with a long mane, never did anything to it and the time it took to dry....OMG, eternity! So I decided to just go and get it cut just a little pass my shoulders. 10 inches later, I had a hair cut that I HATED!! I didn't go to my regular hairdresser thinking why the heck spend 60 bucks on a super easy cut. Bad idea....bless the lady's heart, she had no clue what I was trying to tell her.
So yesterday we went to Northpark Mall in Dallas. For you guys that aren't from here....that is the best mall! It's got everything you need.....even a wing just of little kids stores, it's awesome! We live in a smaller town just outside of Dallas and we felt we were in a different universe! LOL!!, I guess we are country bunkins!! Anywho, to get back to the story.....I had found the cutest hair cut on this model in an Anthropologie magazine and I saved the photos. I carried in my bag just incase I got a wild hair up my b*tt and decided to chop it all off. We where walking by Toni and Guy and I told my hubby, I should just go ahead and cut it off.....he actually didn't object. I guess he hated my new cut just as much as I did. I LOVE Tony and Guy....that's where I normally get my hair cut so I knew that I'd be in good hands. Well, and hour and a half later and a total of about 13 inches wacked off (from the 2 haircuts) later.....I have a new pixie hair cut! I LOVE it.....and seriously, I just wash it and put some pomeade in it and I'm's so cool!! It's not as short as I use to have it....I think if I wanted to grow it out, it'd be much easier this time around, but that won't be happening anytime soon. I actually feel like wearing something else other than sweatpants each day! LOL!!
Oh and the first cut....I saved my hair and I'm sending it to Locks of least something good came out of the first cut. =)

OK...enough about my hair.....I've been tagged by Frederique and Alana to list 6 things that make me happy. =)

1. My family and my friends are most definitely #1!
2. Ok, this may sound goofy....but photography. It's a great release for me and when I see that
I get that money shot, that makes me smile.
3. The TV show LOST! Strange huh? I love that show and I know it's an hour that I have on
Wednesdays to unwind....forget everything that needs to be done.
4. A clean house and all the laundry done! Heck YEAH!
5. When Gracie comes in our room and wakes us up in the morning....that's pure sweetness. =)
6. Excedrin Migraine...the only thing that works on my migraines.
ETA: Ha...a picture of me....not in this lifetime! I hate being in front of the camera...isn't that they way it works? Since you guys want to see the cut, I took pictures of the photos to get around the copyright laws.....very crafty huh? This is not me.....I wish it was but it's not! Instead I have brown eyes the color of tree bark! LOL!! The cut looks just like this. I forgot to mention....Maria (the hairstylist) looked at the photo ONE time and that was that's good! =)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank you everyone......

for all the coupons at guys are great! And a thank you for all those wonderful comments that you leave and even you lurkers too! LOL!! It means a lot to me that I have a wonderful group of people that are here for me and support my love for photography. Oh and thanks for the comments on the new site....wait a month and it will be completely different! LOL!!

Just a couple of my little cupid.....she put together her jazzy little outfit! A job in the fashion industry is probably a big no!! =)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A couple new adventures....

Sorry I've been gone for most of you guys know, I'm very fickle! =) So yet again, I'm changing up my website (and still in the process of it). I've changed the music to a MUCH NICER tune...not so annoying as the old one.

Also, I'm in the middle of doing a slideshow for a's pretty cool. My first one so I'm learning and experimenting as I go. This is definitely something I'm going to offer in the future. I got some really AWESOME music at All songs are $7.00 and you get all different versions of it. If you guys are looking for some can use my referral link and you can get a free song (and I get a free song too.) What a deal!!
Here's the link for the referral:
Just sign takes a couple of seconds and have a $7.00 credit (one free song).
A couple that I really love are:
Daddy's Girl
Little Star
And last of of the little Bug! =) Don't let her sweet look fool ya! LOL!!